Can You Resist Twelve Seconds Of PREACHER Footage?

Yes, it’s a teaser for a trailer. But it’s PREACHER.

For those who just can’t hold themselves back, AMC has just released twelve seconds of footage from the Preacher trailer they will unveil during The Walking Dead this Sunday. It looks a lot like this:

That all goes by pretty fast. I’ve done my best to freeze-frame some of those flashed images:

I’m still not sure about this casting, but I have a feeling the show might end up pushing those concerns aside if it’s as cool as this tiny bit of footage indicates.

There will be more to say when the real trailer comes out this weekend. Until then, try to enjoy this as much as it’s possible to enjoy twelve seconds of something that's not an orgasm.

(Also, if you're unaware of Preacher, I highly recommend you read it. Now's the perfect time!)