Check Out The Crazy Red-Band Trailer For Sacha Baron Cohen’s THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY

First-person action, two-person lovin’.

It’s hard to believe anyone would release a movie with a name like The Brothers Grimsby, but it’s happening. And this is not just some ordinary movie, either. The Brothers Grimsby is a spy spoof (how long’s it been since we had one of those?) starring Mark Strong as a badass spy, and Sacha Baron Cohen as his fuck-up brother.

Check out the red-band trailer here:

Admittedly, the first-person action stuff is cool, if on the verge of already seeming a bit outdated. The trailer also ends on a decent punchline reveal. I’m not sure if one really enhances the other, though.

We haven’t had a strong Sacha Baron Cohen leading role since 2012’s The Dictator, and calling that role “strong” is a bit of a stretch. It would be nice if this lives up to his higher comedy standards since he did co-write the film, but since it’s directed by Louis Leterrier, I’m not holding my breath.

The Brothers Grimsby was originally supposed to come out last summer but was moved, probably a smart move given the popularity of Spy and Kingsman. Do people still have a hankering for raunchy spy spoofs? We’ll see when the film opens March 4, 2016.