Artsy James Franco’s Back At It Again With This THE SOUND AND THE FURY Trailer

Yep. He’s playing Benjy.

James Franco’s last foray into the world of unfilmmable Faulkner novels netted us the rather excellent As I Lay Dying. Now he’s back at it again with the stream of consciousness, bane of every college student’s existence The Sound and the Fury. If your curious about how that might look, this trailer should help you out:

This story, both in form and content, has never done much for me, so I’m not as excited as I was for Dying. Nevertheless, curiosity runs strong. Franco’s totally ignoring Kirk Lazarus’ advice with his portrayal of Benjy. He even brings fake teeth into the mix. He also rounds out the cast with funny people like Seth Rogen and Danny McBride, dramatic actors like Scott Haze and Fake Tom Hardy, and actors who are a bit of both (Tim Blake Nelson).

It’s a lot of screaming and yelling and crying, which fits. Whether or not it’ll be any good remains to be seen, but I kind of have Franco Faith.