The Canon Episode 49: PLANET OF THE APES

Featuring guests Peyton Reed and Dana Gould!

Finally! Planet of the Apes! It's one of my favorite movies, and I've wanted to cover it on the show for a long time, but I wanted to do it right. That meant bringing in two of the biggest Apes nerds I know - Peyton Reed, director of Ant-Man and comedian Dana Gould. Having these two on was a dream - they're old friends and I love their banter and enthusiasm, and Gould has some really incredible stories, including one about living in Roddy McDowell's old house. I didn't think to ask him about Roddy's famously huge weiner, though. I should have. 

This could have been a ten hour episode that was just about the entire series, and god knows Reed and Gould have the knowledge to hold forth for that long. What I'm thinking is that, if The Canon is lucky enough to continue, we do an Apes movie every single year at this time, so it'll be Beneath in 2016, Escape in 2017 and so on. We'll even eventually get to the reboots... if the show lasts. 

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And next week is our 50th episode, so we're doing something special. We're taking calls during the recording of the show! The episode will be about giving films a second chance at the Canon, and we're asking the listeners to choose which movies get another opportunity for canonization. The nominees are: 

The Road Warrior

Close Encounters of the Third Kind


The Empire Strikes Back

Jurassic Park

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