WARCRAFT Gets A Poster Ahead Of New Trailer Friday

If nothing else, this movie should be very colorful.

Today brings us a lovely poster for Duncan Jones’ adaptation of World of Warcraft, which makes the central divide between orcs and not-orcs pretty blatant:

It’s not the most arresting poster, but I enjoy how colorful it is. You also get right in there with the Orc details. You can marvel at the pores in his skin, or you can imagine what it would be like to have your teeth pierced. Up to you! This poster is a gift that keeps giving.

We’re getting a trailer Friday. A really long piece of this was shown to us at Comic-Con this year, and my general take is that the movie looks amazing, but could be the nerdiest goddamn tentpole to come out in my lifetime. I had no idea what was going on and couldn’t stop admiring the possibly misplaced confidence the film has in its Orc mythology. That’s quite a gamble.

Warcraft gets into the fray June 10, 2016. We’ll probably going to get a lot more posters and trailers and possibly some educational material between now and then.