Cary Fukunaga Signs Two-Year TV Deal With Paramount

Paramount wants to stay in the Cary Fukunaga business. Can you blame them?

Here is my policy: more Cary Fukunaga is always a good thing.

After the one-two punch of True Detective* and Beasts Of No Nation, there can be no doubt that Fukunaga is the real deal. The latter is one of 2015's best films, and proves that Fukunaga's one of our best working directors. Much like Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Enemy), I'm onboard with whatever this guy does next.  

Most recently, Fukanaga walked away from his long-gestating adaptation of Stephen King's IT, only to take the directorial reins on TNT's upcoming adaptation of The Alienist. That series is being produced by Paramount TV, which was apparently so impressed by Fukunaga's work that they've decided to sign on for two more years of...well, whatever he can come up with. Per Deadline:

Paramount TV said today it has inked a two-year, overall TV deal with Cary Fukunaga and his production company Parliament Of Owls. Under the agreement, Paramount will have exclusive rights to produce and distribute scripted TV content directed, written and/or produced by Fukunaga.

There's nothing else concrete in Deadline's report - no future plans announced, no hint as to what Fukunaga might direct, write, or produce for Paramount TV going forward - but like it says up top, more Cary Fukunaga is always a good thing. 

From the looks of things, The Alienist will arrive next year. Once he's done with that, Fukunaga will move on to an as-yet-untitled dramatic feature he's been developing with A24, which Deadline describes as "the true story of Oregonian father and son Joe and Jadin Bell". After that? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Fukunaga loops back around to the horror genre (my prediction: when that day comes, it'll result in something incredible). How 'bout you guys?

* = Please note that when I say "True Detective", I am speaking specifically of True Detective season one, not any seasons that may have come along after it (that said, I'm sure I'd remember if there'd been a True Detective season two).