LONDON HAS FALLEN Trailer Promises More Of That Wacky OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN Magic

This poor president can’t catch a break.

Even in the face of crushing disappointment, there’s always hope for tomorrow. I’m not here to say London has Fallen will be a super great action film that everyone should see, but it definitely looks like an ideal sequel to the batshit crazy Olympus has Fallen and that's good enough for me:

So there you have it. Some bad guy kills a bunch of world leaders, but still needs to get our beloved POTUS so he can torture him on television. Luckily, he’s being protected by Mike Fucking Banning, the world's lead head-stabber and bad-joke-maker (“Bourbon and poor choices”).

Meanwhile, everyone from the Situation Room in part one gets another go at talking to a foreign terrorist. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Melissa Leo will get beaten up much in this one, but at least she’s present.

And as an added wrinkle, our poor president refuses to be “executed as propaganda” and makes Banning promise to stab him in the head before surrendering him to bad guys. Please please please let that be how the movie ends.

As you can probably tell, I am super excited about this. I hope you are too because it looks like it’s going to be something memorable.