The Final Trailer For FALLOUT 4 Is Incredibly Exciting

We're only five days away from greatness.

It gives me great pleasure to type the following sentence: we are five days away from Fallout 4.

For the past week, fans of the franchise have been going absolutely bananas with anticipation. We've seen the requisite round of leaks (screenshots, gameplay videos, premature deconstructions of the game's map). We've seen the customary gnashing of teeth and seething jealousy for those lucky enough to have scored a review copy of the game. We've engaged in endless second-guessing over which format to purchase the game in (do you go all-digital and download the game to your hard-drive, or would you prefer lining up for a midnight release to obtain a physical copy?).

For people like me - who've been obsessing over this game for years, and can hardly believe that its release is finally upon us - the past week has felt a lot like being a 10-year-old during the build-up to Christmas: one part celebration, one part maddening impatience for the fucking thing to get here already. Today's final launch trailer (embedded below) doesn't make the wait any easier:

How great is that trailer? How badass is it that they gave the iconic "War never changes" line to the female version of the protagonist (you can play as male or female; I always choose female if given the option, and will absolutely be playing through Fallout 4 as a knock-off Imperator Furiosa)? How exciting is it to finally get some solid information about the game's plot, which seems to revolve around a battle between Synths (robot people!) and humans? And how gorgeous does this thing look? I cannot wait to spend several hundred hours combing through every inch of this world that Bethesda's created.

The wait's almost over, folks. Tell us how excited you are about it in the comments below.