BC BUTCHER Finds A Home At Troma

Kansas Bowling's prehistoric slasher goes where it belongs!

Some time ago we told you about The BC Butcher, a 16mm slasher film directed by teenager Kansas Bowling. I met Kansas at Monsterpalooza and was really blown away by her moxie, standing in the middle of the crowd and handing out flyers for her crowdfunding campaign. The BMD (back then Badass Digest!) community rallied around Kansas and the film, the funding was secured and the movie was made. 

But making a movie is only half the battle - the other half is getting it seen. And now The BC Butcher, the world's first prehistoric slasher movie and also the only prehistoric slasher movie featuring a punk soundtrack, has found its perfect home: Troma. The ancestral breeding ground of schlock and fun movies is exactly where The BC Butcher belongs. 

Troma's press release calls the movie a cross between Quest for FireThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Rock and Roll High School, which sounds like pretty much the perfect film. Here's the official synopsis: 

After a group of contempuous cavewomen torture and kill one of their own over a romantic betrayal, a disfigured loner, known only as The Butcher (Dwayne Johnson (not The Rock)), discovers and falls deeply in love with the mutilated corpse. He proceeds on a bloody path of revenge, picking off the sexy murderers one by one.

The film is narrated by Kadeem Hardison (A Different World, Troma’s Def by Tempation) and features Kato Kaelin (BASEketball) alongside a host of up-and-coming actresses including: Leilani Fideler (Pretty Little Liars), Parker Love Bowling, Natasha Halevi, Devyn Leah, Molly Elizabeth Ring, and Miranda Robin.  The film also boasts cameo appearances by Duck-Duck and Rodney Bingenheimer, California’s KROQ DJ, who lovingly refers to THE BC BUTCHER as the “prehistoric Manson girls.”
Featuring a rock & roll soundtrack from The Ugly Kids, THE BC BUTCHER is no doubt the definitive tongue-in-cheek horror film set in the paleolithic era.

Troma will be releasing The BC Butcher in early 2016. Keep your eyes on BMD for more updates - and congratulations, Kansas!