LUTHER Returns As A Long-Ass TV Movie This December

So soon!

Everyone I know who watched Idris Elba’s gritty BBC cop show, Luther, loves it. Those people are going to be very happy to learn what’s coming their way this December.

According to a BBC America, Luther will return this December with a three-hour long movie. Here’s what it’s about:

This time we find Luther on a leave of absence from the police force, laying low in a rundown cottage. A visit from colleagues, Detective Chief Inspector Theo Bloom (Darren Boyd, Veep, The World’s End) and Detective Sergeant Emma Lane (Rose Leslie, The Last Witch Hunter, Game of Thrones) brings a shocking piece of news that draws him back to London in search of the truth. At the same time, a gruesome cannibalistic serial killer has struck the city, eating body parts as he goes. With a trail of clues leading from one crime scene to the next, Detective Superintendent Unit Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley, Babel, Bleak House) and his team must work out the twisted logic that connects each victim. But this murdering mastermind is more than a match for Schenk’s police, outsmarting them at every step. It’s not long before Luther makes his triumphant return to the Bullpen, determined to capture the killer before another mutilated body joins the mounting pile. But he’s dogged at every turn by ghosts from his past. Isolated and volatile, it will take every fiber of Luther’s being to keep it together.

Woo-hoo! A cannibal! Can Luther keep it together? Who cares, so long as he stays angry and handsome!

Having a whole new Luther movie under wraps long enough for them to announce it two months before it hits the air is actually an amazing feat. I haven’t heard anything about it, and they’re announcing it as though it’s all brand new info. Even JJ Abrams has to wonder how they pulled that off.

Nevertheless, this must be exciting for Luther fans. Your world just suddenly got interesting for at least three more hours. Congratulations!