SCREAM: THE SERIES Kills Off Its Showrunners

And may be going anthology next season?

In news I'm not sure how I feel about, MTV has replaced the showrunners of their Scream TV show before Season 2 gets underway, reportedly due to Dimension being unsatisfied with the first season creatively. Per The Hollywood Reporter:

Season one co-showrunners Jill Blotevogel and Jaime Paglia are stepping down, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Instead, frequent collaborators Michael Gans and Richard Register (Make It or Break It, Celebrity Deathmatch) will serve as showrunners for the second season of the horror remake from Dimension Television. Blotevogel will remain with the series as a consultant, while Paglia will no longer be involved with the show.

Sources say producers Dimension TV — whose film arm produced the Kevin Williamson franchise that the series is based on — were unhappy with the creative direction of the revival.

Well yeah, I mean, when you think of Dimension you think about their longstanding commitment to quality storytelling, right?

Actually, when you think of Dimension you think of constantly switching gears, leaving fans hanging (see: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers' followup H20), so this is not a surprise at all. And since the anthology concept is mentioned it's not too far-fetched to assume that S1's cliffhanger of Audrey having some connection to the killer will forever be unexplained - perhaps I'll get my wish after all? But what about the cast? Will they go the American Horror Story route and have them all play different roles? Or will they follow, well, every single other anthology series on the air and offer up a whole new cast?

This is why I'm unsure about the news - I wanted the anthology format... but I also grew to like these characters and want to see them get proper sendoffs. Had they gone with that plan all along, such a thing would have happened (though it probably would have meant that those sendoffs involved their gory demise). But now I'm invested, and I want to see if they follow the movies and kill off their Randy character (John Karna's Noah) halfway through the second season, pissing off every fan alive and ensuring that no one we care about is ever killed again. So while the show certainly needs work (more kills! Fewer times where a third of the screen is blocked to tell you who the artist is behind the terrible song that's playing!), the suggestion of a reset isn't exactly the news I wanted to hear. But as Halloween III can attest, once there's a traditional follow-up it sets the series in stone - if they don't go anthology now, they never can.

Hopefully these new showrunners can deliver whatever it is Dimension wants and keep the series going with some sort of consistency. I'd hate to see this turn into a Walking Dead situation where they are hiring new showrunners every season and flying all over the place until the fourth season or so (though I'm sure MTV wouldn't mind seeing such chaos result in record-breaking ratings). Ideally, if Dimension wanted someone new to take over, they would go with Wes Craven and/or Kevin Williamson, or at least increase the amount of input they had on the show (which is, respectively, barely any and none at all). But with Wes passing away and Williamson not likely to join after being left out to begin with, that obviously isn't going to happen. They could also try to get Ehren Kruger, if they were interested in making sure I deleted my season pass instantly.