USS INDIANAPOLIS: MEN OF HONOR Gets An Action/Face Packed Poster

So much face. So much action.

Even if you’re not up on your History, you should at least know the story of the USS Indianapolis from watching Jaws. It’s the ship Quint was on. I certainly can’t tell the story as well as he did, but essentially it’s about a bunch of soldiers who get eaten by sharks after the Japanese sink their ship.

Now there’s a movie about the ordeal called USS Indianapolis: Men of Honor. This first poster for it should tell you everything you need to know:

Nicolas Cage, Thomas Jane, and Tom Sizemore in a movie directed by Mario Van Peeples? AND it’s produced by Michael Mendelsohn and Richard Rionda Del Castro? Sign me up! USS Indianapolis: Men of Honor should come out sometime in 2016, though I’m not sure if that means it’s hitting theaters, VOD, or straight to TBS.