Brian De Palma To Make LIGHTS OUT, A Thriller About Chinese Lady Who Can’t Be A Voyeur

People can probably spy on her, though.

Brian De Palma deserves our respect, even if he hasn’t made a truly great movie in a while. As such, it’s nice to hear when he has something new brewing.

Today we learn that De Palma’s latest brew is a film called Lights Out which is about a blind Chinese lady who somehow gets involved in a secret assassination program. Check this out: she may be blind, but her other senses are heightened and she becomes some kind of hero. She also dresses in red and fights the Kingpin, I presume.

Lights Out is written by Lamont Magee and Jeff W. Byrd and will be produced by Hauce Pictures from China and Arclight Films from not-China. As always with De Palma, this could be a blast if he goes hog-wild on his stylistic tendencies. Perhaps shooting in China will bring that out of him.