FINDING DORY Gets An Ass-Centric Poster

She's drunk. Hopefully she doesn’t hit a wall.

After a brief (and so far, brilliant) foray into original films, Pixar returns to Sequel City next year with Finding Dory, part two of the Finding Nemo saga. It’s still a while out, but today Pixar released an interesting poster for the film:

Poor Dory. She swims so much and so aimlessly that she literally swims outside of the poster, leaving us with almost nothing to look at but her ass. For the sake of this joke, let’s all go along with the fact that fish have asses.

Along with the ass, we get the interesting tagline “She just kept swimming.” So there you go. That’s how Dory gets lost. She just swims right into it. I suppose how she gets found will be the interesting part.

Finding Dory comes out next summer, June 17, 2016. That’ll be thirteen years after the release of Finding Nemo, which means Nemo is probably out of college and already a widow.