Final JESSICA JONES Trailer Promises The Best Marvel Show Yet

No costumes, no problems.

The second and final trailer for Jessica Jones has arrived, and it has cemented this series as a must-binge for me. I won't be doing the up-all-night business some of my colleagues will be doing, but I'll get up Friday and spend the day watching. And unlike Daredevil I'm really excited about it. 

What's the difference? The tone seems better here - there's a wry humor to the trailer that works for me. I'm also aware that Jessica Jones will never get a costume, so I won't be stewing in the show's reluctance to get her suited up. The trailer also really foregrounds not just her powers but also The Purple Man's, which means I won't have the same problem I had with Daredevil, where I felt the radar sense was crazy backgrounded. Maybe part of it is that I was never a huge fan of the Alias comic, so I have fewer set-in-stone opinions about Jessica Jones, and there are fewer eras of her career for me to prefer over whatever they're adapting. 

What do you think?