Here’s The Teaser Trailer For FINDING DORY

Fins crossed for the next Pixar sequel.

As far as Pixar trailers go, this one doesn’t pack the same emotional gut-punch as several of its cousins, but that’s also a pretty tall order for a teaser. There’s about twelve years' worth of nostalgia here for those that grew up with the studio’s oeuvre (or those who feel like they were raised by it), and despite the rampant case of cultural sequel-itis, or sequel-fatigue, or what have you, Pixar’s always going to be the one studio to get our hopes up. Admittedly, Finding Dory is no exception.

I’m not sure I have quite the attachment to Finding Nemo that the rest of my generation does, and I think the same might go for The Incredibles, but if a sequel every other year allows them to keep making features like Inside Out (and shorts like Sanjay’s Super Team), then I’ve got no complaints. Besides, returning director Andrew Stanton struck gold with WALL-E back in 2008, and he was also part of the writing team for all three Toy Story films, so it’s not like they have a novice at the helm either.

This teaser does exactly what a teaser is supposed to do, putting the word out there without giving much away beyond the premise, i.e. Dory’s anterograde amnesia giving way to memories of her family. Finding Nemo was as much a grand oceanic adventure to find family as it was a personal story about living with and overcoming disabilities, and it appears Stanton & co. seem to be tackling those same themes once again. Sequel apprehensions aside, that along with the vivid design are definitely points in its favour.

Finding Dory swims into theatres June 17th 2016.