LA: See The Canon Come Alive With Elijah Wood!

And we're finally doing THE GOONIES!

30 years ago a cool video store called Vidiots opened in Los Angeles. They've weathered a lot of cultural changes - with the help of Megan Ellison, most notably - and for their 30th anniversary they're putting on a bunch of fun events to fundraise and keep themselves going for decades more. A video store isn't just a place to rent movies, it's a cultural center for people who love film, it's a classroom and a discussion pit, it's a discovery zone and a friendship generator. We're all digital these days, but the analogue experience of interacting with our media will always be superior to recommendation algorithms. 

With that in mind The Canon is proud to get involved and we'll be doing a live episode from the store (or more specifically from their back room/theater), and we want you to join us. Our guest for this episode will be Elijah Wood, and Vidiots asked us to talk about a film from 1985, the year they opened, and Elijah chose... The Goonies. A movie I hate. This should be a good one, if only so you can watch me torch my friendship with Elijah in real time on stage. 

The show will be this Sunday at 11:30 at Vidiots, so go get yourself some coffee and hang out with us on a lovely Sunday morning. 

Tickets are available here, and remember all your money is going to keeping a Los Angeles cultural institution alive. If you become a Vidiots member you can get in for half price!