This Veteran’s Day Support THE WAR AT HOME

A movie about vets, made by vets.

David Lawson worked in the studio system, being a part of films like Hancock and Live Free Or Die Hard before making the jump to the indie world, where he has produced films like Spring and V/H/S Viral. David has become a familiar face on the genre festival circuit, and he's recently joined the exciting production company Snowfort Pictures (Cheap Thrills, Jodorowsky's Dune), but before that he served in the armed forces. As a vet David has a unique perspective in an industry where 'veteran' is usually short hand for 'deranged guy who needs little backstory before he starts killing people.'

It was while serving that David met writer/director Michael Dunker - they were stationed together - and now they've teamed up again to tell a vet story that feels personal and true to them:War at Home. PTSD is a very real epidemic that hits our returning soldiers hard, and it's an epidemic we all too often ignore even as it kills our servicepeople in numbers that the enemy would envy. That's the story David and Michael are tackling. Here's their synopsis: 

Harrison James has seen hell. After receiving an honorable discharge from the Marines, he returns home and works hard to reestablish a relationship with his wife, Kay, and 3-year-old son, Mikey, while trying to find a job and take college courses. 

Tragically, the war he left behind is the war that won’t go away. He’s constantly plagued by flashbacks and insomnia. He screams in the night, which terrifies Kay and the rest of his family. As the walls close in, Harrison goes to the VA for help. After he’s diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), he continues self-medicating and becomes distant with everyone. 

Harrison’s downward spiral continues. He starts having violent outbursts and finds himself in jail after a bar fight. Though it isn’t until Harrison pulls a gun on his son and turns the weapon on himself that he realizes he has an uncontrollable problem. Will Harrison become another casualty of the war at home or will he find the help that leads to his survival?

Yeah, it sounds serious and heavy - but because these guys know this story first hand it won't be exploitative. 

Our hawks in government care about our troops... until the moment they come home. Whatever your thoughts about our conflicts in the Middle East - and god knows I hate them and am ashamed of my nation for them - the men and women who fought and returned were people trying to do what they thought was right. And now, when they're back, they find that no one cares - their war wasn't glorious, their politicians don't want to spend money on them. A movie like War at Home will help vets see that there are others out there who care, who understand. 

The duo are crowdfunding their film right now. Click here to help out - this Veteran's Day put your support behind vets trying to tell a story about vets.