Mike Tyson Looks Mean In This Exciting IP MAN 3 Trailer

He’s old, but I bet he can still beat up the Fresh Prince.

There are many movies about Yip Man out there, but the only ones I’ve really loved have starred Donnie Yen. Those films, Ip Man and Ip Man 2, are absolutely fantastic martial arts movies that every action fan should see.

You can you can imagine my excitement for Ip Man 3, which just dropped an action-heady new trailer:

Did the world need a third Ip Man movie? Probably not, though I do imagine people wanting more Bruce Lee. Do we need a movie where Donnie Yen fights Mike Tyson? Yes we did. Case closed on the trial of Ip Man 3’s legitimacy.

Seriously though. Donnie Yen is back. Director Yip Wilson is back. Mike Tyson seems game. Donnie Yen appears to take on an entire town of dudes. This is must see stuff.