Looks Like Doug Liman Will Direct GAMBIT After All

Good news for GAMBIT or bad news for Liman?

About a month ago, we put up a story about Channing Tatum’s desire to have Doug Liman direct his Gambit movie. Original director Rupert Wyatt had departed the film, and Liman was the flavor Tatum hunted for a replacement.

It seemed like a story filled with iffy ifs. Nevertheless, Doug Liman’s involvement with Gambit now grows into reality. According to THR, the director is in final negotiations to direct the picture, which means that Channing Tatum must be twice as charming in real life as he is in the movies.

Liman’s a busy guy. He just finished filming his Tom Cruise joined, Mena, and he has yet another Tom Cruise joint, Luna Park, on his plate as well. Hopefully this doesn’t start some weird, jealous rivalry between Tatum and Cruise.

It does make me slightly more excited for Gambit, though. Rupert Wyatt was an great choice too, but Liman is a really underrated action director. I don’t know how you make a guy throwing playing cards exciting (unless you’re Ricky Jay, of course), but I bet Liman can pull it off.