Julianne Moore And Todd Haynes Reteam For WONDERSTRUCK

Based on a kid's book!

I think Todd Haynes may be the filmmaker with the best batting average - I haven't seen Carol yet (tomorrow!) but it looks like he's currently batting a thousand. He has literally never made a bad movie. Think about that - how many filmmakers can make that claim? More than never making a bad movie, Haynes has only made good to great films, and a number of his films are stone cold classics. Somehow I feel like we don't appreciate him enough. 

Someone who does seem to appreciate Haynes is Julianne Moore, returning for a threepeat with the filmmaker. She previously starred in his films Safe and Far From Heaven, and they're reteaming for Wonderstruck, based on a kid's book by the same guy who wrote Hugo, Brian Selznick. Deadline has the plot as: 

Wonderstruck follows the intertwined narratives of two deaf children, Ben and Rose. Ben lives with his family in Minnesota in 1977, and runs off to New York following his mother’s death when a mysterious note shows up. Rose, who is locked in a house in 1927 New Jersey, also escapes to New York to see her idol, film actress Lillian Mayhew. 

It seems pretty likely that Moore would be playing Mayhew. 

Todd Haynes making a children's movie? Why not! He's made films in all sorts of offbeat genres - he made the greatest musical biopic of all time, for instance - so I'm excited to see what he does here. And it'll be great having Moore back with Haynes; maybe she and Cate Blanchett can switch off with each other, starring in every other Todd Haynes film.