When Will AGENT CARTER Return And What Will It Look Like?

Both questions answered within! (I am living my own personal MEMENTO remake.)

To my eternal regret, I never found the time to watch ABC’s first season of Agent Carter, which is a real shame because people generally had nice things to say about it, and I’m a big fan of the character.

Maybe now’s a good time to right this wrong, however, as the show’s second season gets closer. ABC has announced that the show will return January 5 and will run until Agents of SHIELD takes its slot back on March 8. The second season will take place in California. To prove it, here’s an official photo of Peggy Carter standing in sunshine, which only people in California have:

As you can see, she is wearing sunglasses. There are also palm trees. Ken Marino will be on the show this season as a mobster. I assume he will wear sunglasses as well, but we do not yet possess proof of that.