An Arnold double feature of epic proportions.

As promised, Phil and I are back with a really interesting Arnold Schwarzenegger double feature - one of this first films, Conan the Barbarian, and one of his latest, Maggie. Those who watched both in one night witnessed a powerful display of masculine aging. Or de-aging, depending on the order.

We’re joined this week by special guest Melissa Mobley, a good friend of mine here in the Twin Cities. Melissa not only listens to the show a bunch, but she also frequently watches these movies with me. She even takes notes. For instance, I remember her drawing a picture of boobs while we watched Timecop. Melissa is also a big Arnold fan, so it seemed appropriate to have her weigh in on this particular episode.

Next week, Phil and I will discuss the end of the Hunger Games series, and I may or may not give you some brief verbal impressions of Creed. It depends on how much I drink.

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