Well, Marlon Wayans’ FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK Has A Trailer

Could this possibly be funnier than the original?

Once upon a time, Marlon Wayans showed that he could be a good actor. And yet here we are with a trailer for his new pop culture parody movie, Fifty Shades of Black:

Of course, I wouldn’t mind if any of these jokes were funny, but nothing in this trailer lands. It’s too bad because I’m always out there defending the first two Scary Movie films (especially the second one!). I love comedy, but only when it’s funny.

I will admit, however, that Fifty Shade of Black has its look down, so much that I kept forgetting it was supposed to be a parody. How much of the running time will actually parody the sex stuff from Fifty Shades? Who knows? It’d be pretty slick if this came out and just went really hardcore with that material, but that’s probably not going to be the case.

Fifty Shades of Black comes out January 29.