CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE Trailer Looks Funny Despite Itself

It’s hard to dislike the Rock. Here’s proof.

The world doesn’t need any more Kevin Hart buddy comedies. There are already too many of them to distinguish. But that’s not how the world works. Hollywood thinks we want Kevin Hart buddy comedies; so we are now drowning in them.

But maybe every once in a while a good one comes our way. That could possibly be the case with Central Intelligence based on this trailer:

I know, I know. Pretty much every comedy beat presented here involves the Rock asking Kevin Hart to do something crazy, Kevin Hart saying no, and then the Rock doing it anyway while Kevin Hart screams. But there’s something about this enthusiastic and positive version of the Rock I just can’t turn down.

This is probably way too optimistic, but I hope this film is good. I mean, just look at the tagline on this poster:

Stupid jokes like that don’t just grow on trees.