THE BOSS Trailer: Melissa McCarthy, You Are On Notice

A weirdly neckless trailer.

I'm all about agency and a woman creating roles for herself in a world where decent roles for women are hard to find, but at what point can we say "Melissa McCarthy, please only act in the movies Paul Feig directs for you"?

This is another movie co-written by McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone and directed by Falcone, in the vein of Tammy. To be fair, I didn't see that movie, and I haven't seen this one, but am I so wrong in only wanting McCarthy to play super-spies for the rest of her career?

At least this role, as a "titan of industry," doesn't rely on McCarthy shaking it in stained sweatpants for laughs, but the BMD staff has serious questions about her turtleneck situation in this movie. We're banking on a third act neck reveal. BC thinks it's an Orphan scenario. Andrew's guessing a HEIL tattoo. I'll bet you dollars to donuts she's hiding some unsightly hair in there.

Who knows, maybe this will be funny. There are some obvious Troop Beverly Hills parallels, and god knows I love Troop Beverly Hills. And who can be mad at a movie starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell? Why must we live in a world where a movie starring those two amazing women is a BAD thing? And yet, here we are.