THE HATEFUL EIGHT Gets An Epic New Poster

Starring Samuel L Jackson’s back!

The Hateful Eight is coming. Whether it’s coming to you in December or January is up to where you live, but the wait is almost over either way.

Just to keep everyone on their toes, we now have a new poster for the film:

As you can see, we have four backs, four fronts, and a lot of guns. I’m especially fond of the way this poster makes it look like Samuel L Jackson’s the star of the movie. I doubt anyone’s actually the star of the movie (unless you count Kurt Russell’s mustache), but I still like the idea that something extra special is going on with Jackson’s character. Keep an eye on that guy.

Just so everyone knows, The Hateful Eight will come out December 25 in theaters that can handle its 70mm girth. The rest of us can see it January 8.