GAME OF THRONES Season Six Poster Has A Familiar Face

It’s all bloody and messed up though.

HBO definitely aims to drive fans crazy with this poster for Game of Throne’s sixth season:

That, of course, is a picture of Jon Snow, a guy who was pretty much dead last we saw him. Since then, fans have been going nuts with theories as to whether or not Jon is actually a goner. HBO has been very firm that he is. On the other hand, it’s no secret that Kit Harington has been on set in his Jon Snow outfit (as opposed to his Arya outfit).

The character will definitely be seen in the new season, but what does that mean, exactly? Will he be resurrected? Will he only appear in flashback? Will he become a snow zombie? Who knows? Even book readers are in the dark this time.

However it goes down, HBO wants to capitalize upon that mystery to get fans excited for the new season. Putting out a promotional image of Snow’s pouty face covered in blood is the perfect way to do that.