Season Three Of THE 100 Finally Has A Premiere Date

Blood must have blood in January.

In addition to superhero spin-off Legends of Tomorrow, The CW has scheduled another big premiere for January 21 – the return of the young adult sci-fi series The 100. For a while it seemed the network was uncertain about when and where to put it, but the fact that both The Originals and Vampire Diaries are being moved around to make way seems to be a pretty good sign.

At one point, fans were worried that Alycia Debnam-Carey’s involvement with Fear The Walking Dead might cause complications for her return as Commander Lexa, but shippers* needn’t worry. All seems to be going ahead as planned, and production for this season – which began back in July – might even be completed before the show returns. It’s been off the air for almost a year now, and it’s hard to believe that this show, which began with pretty teens and dubious song choices, ended up evolving into a devastating meditation on morality in war time. Then again that evolution began in the very first episode, so maybe it’s not all that surprising that it simultaneously deals with love triangles and genocide. I’m trying to sell you on it, in case you couldn’t tell.

The conclusion to season two was equal parts satisfying and anxiety-inducing. On one hand, the Battle for Mount Weather had been won. On the other, the characters now have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Jaha and his followers finally reached a safe-haven, but they discovered an entirely new sci-fi element to the story. And finally Clarke, both betrayed by the woman she loves and unable to return to her own camp out of sheer guilt, wanders off on her own, a princess without a kingdom. Yes, the header picture is indeed Clarke in Grounder makeup, and I suspect we’re going to see more of that scene in the trailer, which should be arriving soon.

What the hell is going to happen in season three? Find out January 21 in the episode entitled Wanheda, which appears to be a two hour season premiere.

*Unless you’re a dummy who ships Bellarke.