The Canon Episode 52: ROCKY Vs FIRST BLOOD

It's a Stallone battle to end all Stallone battles!

With Creed coming out this week it was obvious the latest Canon had to be about Rocky, right? But Amy and I wanted to spice it up, and I was interested in the idea of re-examining Sylvester Stallone as artist, so we decided to put it up against First Blood. Yes, it's a slam dunk for Rocky (I assume), but I think First Blood has a lot to recommend it. 

This episode we talk a bit about Creed (no spoilers) but really get into Sly and his weird career. I'm hoping that Rocky wins for a couple of reason, not least of which is that I would quite like to do a Canon Commentary for the film. Maybe you'll get to hear me cry on it, as I cry every single time I watch Rocky. Every single time. 

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