Kevin Bacon To Return For A TREMORS TV Show

We live in weird times.

If you read Meredith’s wonderful interview with Kevin Bacon back in August, this news may not come as a huge surprise. According to The Wrap, the actor is going to star in a Tremors television show.

Let’s break it down, because for those who didn’t read that interview - in which Bacon claims Valentine McKee as the only character in his filmography he’d like to revisit - this is a lot to take in. For one, there is going to be a new Tremors show. We already had one starring Michael Gross, but this seems a bit more high-profile than that.

So there’s going to be a new show, and it will star Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon being on television isn’t the craziest thing ever, of course, but it’s very exciting he’ll get to step back into those funny Valentine boots. That really is an entertaining character. Seeing him again will be a real treat.

But what of Michael Gross? For him, the Tremors series never really died. In fact, a new entry with him just came out! Surely it wouldn’t be hard to lure him into this, right? And if we really cross our fingers, maybe they’ll get Fred Ward! My irresponsible hypotheticals are really making this show sound incredible!

Sadly, Kevin Bacon’s involvement is all we currently have. But it’s enough to keep me going in this life.