Find Out What’s Inside The BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH. STAR WARS Issue!

Order it now before it's too late!

We have been pubishing a BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH. magazine for a couple of years now and most of you have probably never seen it. It has only been available at Alamo Drafthouse locations... until now. With the next issue, a double sized Star Wars celebration issue, we're going global, offering the magazine to readers everywhere. And guess what? I think it's by far our very best issue yet. It's jam-packed with really great articles and even better art, all wrapped up in a sweet-ass Mondo cover by artist Matt Taylor. 

The issue is about to go to print - it's coming out to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - which means you have a little bit of time to get your order in before this first (maybe last?) printing happens. None of this content will end up online, so if you want to read any of the stuff listed below, or to get your sweaty hands on some really astonishing art (including gorgeous full page repros of some of the rarest Mondo Star Wars posters), this is the time to act.

 Here are the full contents of the issue: 

A Holomessage From The Editor - Devin Faraci

Princess Leia: A Damsel In No Distress - Jenna Busch

Han Solo: Cooler Than Carbonite - Marc Bernardin

Luke Skywalker: A Hero And His Journey - Siddhant Adlakha

The Acrobatic Camera: The Weird Influence Of War Machines And Urban Planning On The Effects Of STAR WARS - Russ Fischer

Best of the Beasts: Weirdos And Aliens Of The STAR WARS Universe - Various

An Aural Appreciation Of The STAR WARS Universe - The Scorekeeper

A STAR WARS Guide To The Galaxy - James Wallace & Chris Bilheimer

A Brief And Slightly Personal History Of STAR WARS Toys - Brock Otterbacher

Mondo's STAR WARS Series: Iconic Artwork From A Galaxy Far, Far Away - Scott Wampler

Vader Down: Marvel Comics' Return To A Galaxy Far, Far Away (featuring exclusive VADER DOWN art and interviews with Marvel Comics writers Kieron Gillen, Jason Aaron and Charles Soule) - Devin Faraci

On The Topps: Card Collecting Goes Digital (featuring a free pack of Topps STAR WARS trading cards) - Alisha Grauso

Spark Of The Fandom: How STAR WARS REBELS Exploded In One Season - Catrina Dennis

True Tales From The EPISODE I Line (comic strip) - Sarah Sprague, Mike Russell and Bill Muldron

Boba Fett: Everyone's Favorite Bounty Hunter - Andrew Todd

I Hate You, Darth Vader - Andrea Letamendi, PhD

The Saga Continues - Devin Faraci

The Last Word With STAR WARS EPISODE VIII Director Rian Johnson

And that's not even listing the art, which is truly astonishing and worth the cover price (only 5 bucks) alone. There are pages of this magazine you're going to want to carefully remove and frame and hang on your wall. I guarantee it.