This New ZOOLANDER 2 Poster Is So Hot Right Now

The gang's all here, plus some new blood.

First there was an encouraging teaser trailer

Then there was a full-length trailer. We looked upon it, and we saw that it was good

And then, as has become customary, there followed a brief period of hot-takes. The Zoolander 2 hot-takes revolved around an edgy (???) joke that appeared in the trailer (note: because these hot takes were published long before anyone has actually seen the goddamn movie, scientists believe they may represent the hottest takes ever recorded). Then some other remotely offensive thing came along and everyone forgot they were mad about Zoolander 2, of all things.

And now we have a brand-new poster to look at. It's a bit unimaginative, sure, but...I gotta say, I really like this one-sheet. It looks like a Vanity Fair cover. It's colorful. It promises the first film's holy triumvirate of Hansel, Derek, and Mugatu. And it adds two interesting new female characters in the form of Valentina (Penelope Cruz) and Alexanya Atoz (Kristen Wiig). It's fitting with the entire tone of the Zoolander universe. I approve.

In case you're wondering how Valentine's Day's going down in my household: Zoolander 2 arrives on February 14th, 2016.