EW’S CIVIL WAR Cover Has A Meowing Black Panther

Totally miscalculated cover copy makes us wince.

The next issue of Entertainment Weekly is going to be their Captain America: Civil War issue. I was on the set of this movie (my report is embargoed for months yet) so I can tell you one thing: they're going to have a lot of cool stuff to reveal to you in the issue. I'm very excited for the content to be released, and to talk about it with you guys. 

But I have to ask... what the hell is up with this cover? 

I'm not talking about the really stiff Photoshopped heroes, although they really should have found something slightly more dynamic. I'm talking about the bizarre emasculation of The Black Panther. The cover text has him saying 'Meow,' while the blurb says he has claws "That A Real Housewife Would Envy." 

Haha, WHAT?

Look, I don't want to get all gender normative here, but there's no way to read the cover text as anything other than an emasculation of a powerful black man. More than that, it's an emasculation of the first black superhero. It's the emasculation of a superhero whose very existence and day job as a KING was intended to make him an empowering figure. I do not believe that the weird "Meow" and Real Housewives text was intentionally placed there to disempower the character but holy hell, you can really read it that way. Easily. Like, one of those bits of text would have been eyebrow raising, but both?

Hopefully whoever made that call at EW recognizes their weird mistake.The article about The Black Panther (click here) has the right tone, in my opinion, so the cover is just way out of left field. 

The article reveals some interesting things about the MCU version of The Black Panther. He's young here, still fiery and not the tempered leader who was part of the Marvel Comics Illuminati. He's torn between Cap and Iron Man when it comes to the Sokovia Accords, the international agreement regulating superhuman activities. He may fight with one man or another at various points of the film, but he's truly on his own side, representing Wakanda and his father's legacy. And his suit is special - it's made of tightly woven vibranium, the strongest metal in the world, making him essentially bulletproof, like Cap's shield. Also vibranium: his retractable claws!

For more on Black Panther, visit EW.