It’s Possible Even YOU Are Auditioning To Be Young Han Solo

They’re putting out a galaxy-wide net for this one.

Instinctively, a Star Wars spin-off film focusing on the adventures of a young Han Solo sounds like a bad idea. These prequel-type stories rarely give us what we want, and there are so many interesting, less obvious things Disney could do with their spare Star Wars movies.

But it’s hard to be negative with directors like Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, two guys known for taking really bad ideas and turning them into the stuff of greatness. In their hands, we no longer have the fun luxury of hating a movie years before it even comes out.

They’re already on the right track. If a young Han Solo movie is going to work, the number one thing it’ll need is a great Han Solo. They can’t Jai Courtney this one. They seem to know it, too. According to The Hollywood Reporter, over 2,500 actors have already auditioned for the role. Some are names you know - guys like Dave Franco, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Miles Teller have auditioned - but most are likely your latest waiter.

This is apparently the largest cast search ever (on record, the Greeks may have it beat!). Lord and Miller aren’t even involved yet. Casting directors are shaving off names until they have a manageable bunch to present. This is kind of amazing, though. The film doesn’t begin filming until January 2017, giving them over a year to find the right scoundrel. I’m hoping for a complete unknown, Noah Segan, or my dad.