This Week’s Jawn Is All About The Jawn Of CREED

And a little about the jawn of JESSICA JONES.

After missing a week, Phil and I are back, this time to talk about one of the year’s best films, Creed. We didn’t really get to have a Hunger Games episode, so I cover that a bit here as well. We also discuss Netflix’s very good Jessica Jones series. 

So much content! But more than anything, this episode is about my rampant misuse of the term Jawn and Phil’s absolutely phenomenal morning radio talk show host impression. If you ever wanted to hear me really laughing my ass off, this episode is your huckleberry.

For a movie we both loved so much, this is a relatively short podcast, which seems kind of refreshing. I think one key element to all this brevity is the fact that I was stone cold sober because we recorded so early in the evening. I believe this is the second podcast to have that honor. Like in the history of podcasts, not just this one.

Next week’s show is all about that Krampus. This gives me seven days to work on a good pun about how I was in a tiny theater and got a real bad krampus in my leg while watching the film. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, please like and rate and share and all that malarky. The world needs to hear two morons on bad microphones talk about how jawn Creed is! (Phil is not a moron - I just count double.)