BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Reveals Doomsday

Can I get a told you so?

For the last year and a half comic movie dweebs on the internet have been calling me a liar and claiming my reporting on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* was false information, possibly in the service of making DC fans feel bad. I'm not making that up. Well, the new trailer for the movie is here and I would like to offer up a hearty "I told you so."

From Doomsday to Robin's suit to Lex Luthor pitting Batman against Superman it's all there. What's more, the sequence in the desert with what could be Darkseid's Parademons backs up an early version of the script I was privy to, in which the villain of Justice League sends to Bruce Wayne a nightmare vision of a world ruled by Superman. That vision was absent from the draft handed in a month before shooting, but this looks to confirm that the dream sequence is back in. At least that's the only way I can make sense of that scene, based on what I know. 

The trailer itself takes you through the entire movie. I'm kind of surprised at how explicit it is in that regard - you have literally seen almost every story beat in the film, with a couple of connective tissue pieces left out (like how Lex gets Superman and Batman to fight). It's even laid out mostly chronologically. 

For me it's a sloppily cut trailer, and I hope that Doomsday's look evolves or improves between now and release. I guess his design - sort of looking like the new version of the Ninja Turtles - will stay the same, but the quality of his FX will assuredly be tweaked for the next few months. Also of interest: the tone. This is sillier than previous trailers, and I wonder how much of that is a response to the complaints that previous peeks have been extremely dour. 

Anyway, I'm vindicated at last. I have more scoops yet to be confirmed - the dead Batman supporting character who isn't Robin, the KGBeast cameo - but I'll happily wait for that to come on release.

* I am not lying about this: that's the name of the movie.