The Alleged FRIDAY THE 13TH Sequel Gets A New Writer

It's the guy who wrote PRISONERS. And next year's WOLF MAN.

For years now, Platinum Dunes has been threatening to produce a sequel to their 2009 Friday The 13th reboot, and at this point it's hard to take these threats seriously. Early on, the next Friday The 13th was going to be in 3D. Then we heard it was going to be presented in the universally-embraced "found footage" format, until it wasn't. Sometimes it was going to be a sequel, then it was going to be a soft reboot, then maybe it was going to be a TV show

The Jason Vorhees Threat Level was raised to orange earlier this year when a new writer was attached to the project, but since then we've heard nothing about the film...until today, when it was announced that yet another new writer (Aaron Guzikowski, of Prisoners and next year's Wolf Man reboot) has been brought into the fold. 

Let's check in with Birth.Movies.Death.'s official Friday The 13th correspondent, Brian Collins, to see what he thinks:

Is this movie ever going to happen? I find it likelier than BC does - there's no way they're just going to let that property sit there collecting dust forever - but it's anyone's guess as to whether or not Guzikowski's script will actually be produced, or what that script might entail. Will it be a hard sequel to the 2009 reboot? A soft reboot that only retains the franchise's central conceit ("Guy in hockey mask murders teenagers")? Something else entirely? We'll have to wait and see. Let's just not hold our breath.

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