Tom Welling Is Returning To TV With SECTION 13

Superman goes black ops.

Tom Welling, who's stuck to a few big screen credits after Smallville went off the air four years ago, is returning to television with the CBS drama Section 13, which "centers on a CIA black ops officer-turned-private contractor (Welling) who, after a personal tragedy, joins a covert organization devoted to carrying out the most difficult and dangerous high-stakes assignments."

That's very cool, and even cooler is that Welling is executive producing the drama under his Tom Welling Productions banner. Welling served as executive producer on Smallville, and not in just the "give the star a producing credit to keep him happy" way. Welling worked very hard and very well on every aspect of production behind the scenes, according to cast and crew commentary, and he directed seven really great episodes of the series. I've been looking forward to his return to television behind the camera as much as in front of it.

Producing alongside Welling is Bones' Carla Kettner, who will be writing the script for Section 13

I'm excited! Obviously! Section 13 is currently under development at CBS - no word on when it will materialize on our television sets.