The Canon Episode 54: REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE

It's time to debate Dean... and who is now Deaniest.

Lately some of the people who vote on The Canon have expressed irritation that we talk about movies that are, in my too-often used phrase, 'slam dunks.' These people would like to see more marginal films debated, I guess, and some of them seem to want more arguing between Amy and I. First of all, I feel like we argue a lot, even when we agree. But more than that I have two points to make: 

1) This whole show is basically an excuse to talk about great movies with a fun, interactive gimmick. So yeah, we're gonna definitely talk about films that obviously belong in the canon, but next week we're doing a Decline of Western Civilization face-off, so shit gets changed up for sure.

2) I swear to god we do not come in with established opinions in order to create conflict. That means sometimes we're going to agree. Very early on there was a question of whether we should each take a side, debate club style, and argue our side whether or not we believed it. I feel like that is NOT what listeners really want - they want to hear our true, honest thoughts about these movies. Sometimes that means we'll disagree, sometimes that means we'll agree. Very often we do not know which way we will lean until we rewatch the movie/come into the studio. 

ANYWAY. This week we have a 'slam dunk' again, and it's Nicholas Ray's Rebel Without A Cause, starring the late, great James Dean. This was a cool episode because Amy had never seen this film before, and it was fun seeing her be surprised by her own enthusiasm for a movie she had kind of written off. And the episode maybe meanders a bit because we go off into the James Dean legacy - not just how he impacted acting but how there are actors working today who are still trying to be him. 

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