Spot All The Clues In This DEATH ON THE NILE Print And You Might Win Something

Black Dragon Press and Johnny Dombrowski want to test your detective skills.

A little over a year ago, our friends at Black Dragon Press released a snazzy Johnny Dombrowski print based on Agatha Christie's Murder On The Orient Express. In a neat twist, it turned out that a number of "clues" (easter eggs, really) had been hidden throughout the print, and Black Dragon Press built a contest around fans "embracing their inner Poirot" to find them: spot 'em all, win a prize.

Well, Dombrowski and Black Dragon Press are doing it again, this time with a print based on Agatha Christie's Death On The Nile. Here's the print:

...and here's the press release:

This Thursday 10 December 2015 we will be releasing Johnny Dombrowski‘s homage to the film adaptation of Agatha Christie‘s classic whodunnit Death On The Nile. Johnny has very cleverly peppered 8 clues within the illustration, some obvious, others more cryptic, which will help Hercule Poirot solve the mystery. Can you spot them all?

The first person to point out the 8 clues, or the person with the most correct guesses by Thursday at 2.59pm GMT will win a free copy of the Death On The Nile screenprint. We will announce the winner on our Twitter account one minute before the prints go on sale.

To enter, simply e-mail your answers to: [email protected] with the subject line “GO TO BED JACKIE”. You can enter as many times as you need up until the deadline. Good luck!

Last time, Dombrowski embedded five clues in the print, and it took fans several days to track them all down. This one's got eight. Wonder if all of them can be spotted by the time the print goes on sale this Thursday? Only way to find out is to get searching. 

Head on over to Black Dragon Press' site to get a better look at Dombrowski's print, and good luck!