Rebecca Ferguson Coming Back For MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6

This movie’s breaking M:I trends all over the place.

Mission: Impossible 6 is already shaping up to be a very interesting entry in a series that has definitely been on an upswing. Not only is Christopher McQuarrie going to be the first director to return to the series, but now Rebecca Ferguson will be the first female teammate to come back for another go. Usually ol’ Ethan Hunt just loves them and leaves them, or marries them and leaves them at home for the rest of eternity.

Not so with Ferguson’s Ilsa. According to Showbiz 411, the character will return and hopefully officially join the weird M:I team that has grown over the course of these films. She definitely stole the show last time. And since this will also be McQuarrie’s second film, it’s not surprising he’d want to bring back such a successful character.

This movie keeps getting more and more exciting. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see it until sometime during 2017’s summer movie season.