Theodore Shapiro Takes You Inside His Not-So-Period Score for TRUMBO

Learn about the music behind Jay Roach's latest.

Lakeshore Records has produced another insightful behind-the-scenes composer interview that we’re honored to premiere here on Birth.Movies.Death. This time it focuses on Theodore Shapiro waxing poetic about his multifaceted score for Trumbo (2015), starring Bryan Cranston as Hollywood blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo.

Shapiro is certainly one of the more eclectic and individual musical voices in Hollywood and his score for Trumbo is a good example of his capabilities. There are elements of the period mixed in with some audacious modern ingredients, including one of my favorite sounds in all of music, the prepared piano (he explains what that is in the video).

It’s the type of score that makes you want to see the film. It’s not generic or common-sounding at all. You hear it, and you’re compelled to experience the story behind it. Those are the best kinds of scores in my opinion. I haven’t even seen the trailer for the film, but the music alone is all I need to want to see this movie…oh, and Bryan Cranston.