GODZILLA: RESURGENCE Gets An Awesome Poster And Worthless Teaser

Big-ass teeth and cute, little eyeballs.

A couple days ago a teaser, if you can even call it that, arrived for Godzilla: Resurgence (aka God Godzilla). You can see it below:

A teaser is a teaser, but I like mine to have at least something other than endless shaky cam. I mean that could be a Godzilla attack or just your typical Black Friday.

What I didn’t see two days ago was this amazing poster for the film:

Now that’s more like it! I sincerely hope that’s the look they’re going for and not some generic stand-in. I love his tiny eyes, his many sharp teeth, and the way his mouth seems to hinge nearly at the back of his head. This Godzilla looks like a force to be reckoned with, but he also looks just a tiny bit like a cutie-pie.

As the poster says, God Godzilla (everyone needs to get used to me calling it that) comes out July 29 in JAPAN.