Stephen Chow Returns With This Hilarious THE MERMAID Trailer

It’s not a JOURNEY TO THE WEST sequel, but it’ll do.

Hard to believe, but Stephen Chow’s last film, the incredible Journey to the West, came out way back in 2013. It didn’t even occur to me to wonder what he was doing next. Turns out he was making a movie called The Mermaid that should come out next year. Here’s a nice trailer for the film:

As you can see, Chow’s signature voice hasn’t gone anywhere, nor has his love of big, goofy bits of CG. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of mermaid action we’ll receive with the film. I’m sensing a love story, but that could be because I’m a deep romantic who sees love within everything. Yep.

Whatever movie we end up getting, it’s sure to be hilarious. And even though Chow himself appears to be sitting this one out as an actor, I absolutely can’t wait to see it.