Kurt Russell Hated His HATEFUL EIGHT Mustache

And so did Goldie.

Kurt Russell was on TODAY this morning to promote The Hateful Eight. He brought with him a clip, and a revelation: he hated the intimidating "sweeper" he grew for the role!


Giving a shout-out to BMD favorite Bone Tomahawk, Russell says that film served as a "halfway house" for his Hateful Eight whiskers, which took him four months to grow out into the "mustache wearing a man" look we've seen in the trailers. And while we can think of some ladies who're 100% on board with this look (coughMEREDITHcough), Kurt's longtime partner Goldie Hawn was not into it.

"Years ago when I did Tombstone I had a pretty decent 'sweeper' goin', and I learned then that Goldie wasn't a real big fan, and neither was I." Russell, consummate professional that he is, added that he and Ms. Hawn "muscled through" this hirsute period, but he was quite happy to shave it off.

There's also a Hateful Eight clip included in that video above, so have a look. When the hell are tickets going on sale for this thing? And more importantly, who will be running these restored 70mm projectors when it opens? I'm having trouble picturing my local AMC staffers figuring out a piece of 1950s tech. I'm into it, QT, I'm so into it; I'm just a nervous Nellie about this stuff.