STAR TREK BEYOND Teaser Boldly Goes Back To Fun

The series course corrects after INTO DARKNESS.

It's one of the most classical Star Trek plots: Kirk and his inner circle are trapped on an alien planet, unable to communicate with or be rescued by the Enterprise. It happened time and again in the original Star Trek series and now it's happening in Star Trek Beyond, which takes this formula and turns it up to 11. 

Justin Lin of Fast & Furious fame is directing the 50th anniversary entry in the franchise (with a scripting assist by Simon Pegg) and he's brought the series back to fun. A long time ago I told you that Paramount wanted Trek to become more like Guardians of the Galaxy: mission accomplished!

In fact the only thing I don't like in the trailer is the fact that the crew becomes lost from the Enterprise because the ship itself is lost - blownto pieces by a wave of projectile ships. Enough with destroying the Enterprise! It has an impact in The Search for Spock when it happened after decades of service, but this will be the second Trek movie in a row where the ship is totaled. Back in the old days the Enterprise would simply get held in stasis by a god or something. 

Everything else looks fun. I like that the crew seems to be split up after evacuating the ship. I like the line "This is where the frontier pushes back," which sounds like it could have a statement to make about colonialism or something. I like that Idris Elba is in a very silly full-face alien make-up. I like the action. I like Scotty hating the Beastie Boys. I like Bones and Spock being paired up. I like what seems to be either no Earth or a very minor amount of Earth (it's not clear where that city is). I like that this trailer leans heavily on fun. 

This is just the teaser trailer, specially cut to play before Star Wars. I suspect future trailers will give us a better sense of the movie in general, but this is a good statement of intent: "Hey guys, boldly going can be a lot of fun."

I'm excited for the adventure to be put back in the human adventure.