Bob Orci Did Not Write STAR TREK BEYOND

Don't believe all the credits you read.

Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed that Roberto Orci, one of the architects of the rebooted Star Trek universe, has a writing credit in the trailer for Star Trek Beyond. Orci had been originally announced to direct the third Trek reboot movie, but after some months of work he got the heave-ho (or left, we don't have a definitive public record of the situation) and Justin Lin came aboard. Lin had a crazy quick turnaround - he was hired in January and they started shooting in June - and many wondered if the Orci credit in the trailer meant that Lin was forced to use elements of Orci's script. 

Talking yesterday Lin said that the writers of this movie were Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. 

The WGA has to figure it out, because I don’t know who those writers are, I never met them. I came on, I had an idea and then Simon and Doug came on. I had one conversation with Orci after I came on, and that was it.

But did any elements of that script get re-used? It's not unusual for a new filmmaker and writing team to come onto a blockbuster and be stuck with pre-vizzed action setpieces that a previous filmmaker came up with. 

Nothing was refurbished [from the first script[ because I don’t know what was done before I came on.

Lin also explained that he wouldn't use another filmmaker's pre-viz, so the setpieces in this film come from he and his writers. 

So relax, guys - Orci is definitely gone.