Check Out The Incredible New Trailer For THE 100 Season 3

Oh, how far we’ve come.

Go back and look at the teen characters from The 100's first season. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Monty, Jasper, Murphy. Now compare them to what they look like in the trailer for season 3. They’re barely recognizable, but the most shocking thing about their transformations is how utterly well-earned they are, matched by each character’s excruciating descent into a now permanent wartime mindset. They’ve been forced to navigate moral grey after moral grey, with every possible alternative causing them or the people around them some form of pain. There’s no escape in sight, and the new episodes even seem like they’re going to be taking place on a larger, more epic scale. This is one absolutely relentless trailer.

Where do I even begin? The Ark has been repurposed over at camp Jaha, which sees its namesake return alongside a malicious artificial intelligence. Bellamy has taken up arms under a violent new leader, causing a rift between him and his sister that isn’t going to end in anything less than bloodshed. The feisty Raven has lost all faith in herself. Murphy’s gone into exile. The once happy-go-lucky Jasper appears to have cracked under the weight of the blood on his hands, and innocent little Monty doesn’t seem too far behind. The grounders are about to become targets once more, with lovers/enemies/lovers Clarke and Lexa* caught in the crossfire, and oh wouldn’t you know it, Mount Weather may not have been our last genocide.

Great. Fantastic. Superb. I can’t wait to have my heart ripped out come January 21st. May we meet again.

*Clexa confirmed! Bellarke shippers can eat dirt.