GI JOE, ROM, MICRONAUTS, VISIONARIES, And M.A.S.K. To Become Huge Movie Universe

Fake it ‘till you make it.

We don’t really know how this whole Transformers Universe braintrust idea will pan out. Surely the films will make money, but will this new unified writing approach actually make better movies that people will want to follow through multiple stories and spin-offs?

Before we get an answer, we have an imitator. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hasbro and Paramount have teamed up to create a movie universe combining GI Joe, Micronauts, Visionaries, ROM, and M.A.S.K.

Others will have more opinions about this lineup than I can provide. I am just slightly too young to have enjoyed any of these besides GI Joe. But you can kind of understand the soup they’ll make when forcibly smooshed together. You got your tough army guys, your robots, and your space people. It’s not impossible to see how they might play around.

Like the Transformers experiment, Hasbro and Paramount plan to purchase a handful of writers and put them in a room filled with coffee and cigarettes until they create a multi-movie saga befitting your hard earned money for the next several decades, an idea so crazy it just might work! Let's hope it actually does.